Laura Markovitch


Teacher by day, writer by night and weekend, I am excited to introduce my first novel, The Waiting Room. Klepto, my second novel, is almost complete....stay tuned. 

Go to the Book Preview tab to read the first 10 pages of The Waiting Room. As I am interested in knowing your thoughts, please email me.  I'd love to hear from you.

A woman.  A waiting room. A therapist. And a Majik 8-Ball.

Nothing's certain.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Taylor Collier has never faced her past - the distant past nor the recent past.  As a result, she's spiraled into a life fueled by alcohol and drugs.  After her worried mother and best friend confront her, Taylor is given a choice - rehab or therapy.  And so, intent on only a single session with Dr. Modos Marks, she enters his waiting room, planning to get in and get out.  After all, she has successfully kept her most terrifying secret for twenty years, so getting through one session with a shrink should be a piece of cake.  But she's not prepared for what the doctor has in store for her.  Session after session, he peels away the layers of her life, revealing that all is not as it seems - and unraveling a series of surprises that will leave both Taylor and the reader breathless.